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    From 25.00 EUR/month

    The services listed below are performed once on the last weekend of the month:

    1. Invision Community and all installed (and active) modifications, themes, and language packs are checked to be sure everything is up-to-date. If something is outdated, I will perform the upgrade without asking as long as it's a minor version (example: 4.7.11 => 4.7.12).
      • If there are 3rd party paid modifications with a pending renewal, I will contact you.
      • Major version upgrades (example: 4.7 => 4.8) are NOT included. I will contact you with a separate quote for them and ask for your approval before proceeding.
    2. Check System Logs and Email Logs for any critical/repeated errors. If there are bugs, I will report them to either IPS or the modification's developer.
    3. Modifications troubleshooting for 3rd party modifications. (IPS Support won't help with issues caused by them.)
      • Should the problem be a bug in the modification that can be easily fixed, I'll fix it myself, and then, as mentioned in point #2 above, I'll report the issue to the developer.
      • If the issue requires extensive changes I'll only contact the developer and wait for them to provide an update.
      • In case of needing an extensive issue fixed quickly, a separate quote can be discussed without waiting for the original developer.

    The services listed below are always included in the package throughout the month:

    • I will upgrade to any new version with security fixes released by IPS within 48~72 hours of its release (instead of waiting for the last weekend of the month).
      • The same rules as #1 apply here, though: I'll only perform the upgrade as long as it's a minor version. I'll still get in contact first for major versions.
    • Any single-file security patches released by IPS outside of their monthly release cycle will be uploaded within ~24 hours from their release.
    • I will install any modifications as long as they exist. Additionally, I'll provide consultations based on what is being installed. For example, I'll provide a warning if there are known bugs/issues with it. Other modifications might have a big impact on the server while adding little value (resource-intensive or simply code not optimized).

    Please note that the product's monthly price is the basic fee. Depending on the amount of work/modifications involved, I will discuss a price change on a case-by-case basis. However, no price changes will happen without a discussion first!

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    90.00 EUR

    This service can be used  to remove any extra files remaining on the server from past versions of the software. The cleanup includes also extra database tables & columns, left behind either by the IPS upgrader or by old modifications.

    After purchasing this service, please open a new Support Request to schedule the cleanup, and include any extra details useful for the cleanup.


    The service is valid for a single site. If it's required for multiple sites, a discount can be discussed by contacting me directly.

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