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Here same quick rules for the forum:

  1. Be nice to the other members here. This forum has to be a nice, friendly community and I don't want to see that disrupted. It should go without saying that foul language, flaming, racial/sexual orientation slurs, etc are strictly forbidden and can result in suspension or banning.
  2. Support topics and posts should be kept to their proper forums. They should also be specific and detailed, fully explaining what problem your forum is having or what advice you are looking for. Good descriptive topic titles are also a requirement.
  3. DO NOT "bump" topics for twenty-four (24) hours if the last reply is yours.
  4. DO NOT spam in the forums, this can result in warnings, suspensions, and bans. Don't post if you don't have something meaningful to add to the conversation.
  5. If you find an inappropriate topic or reply, or a post that has been made in the wrong place, please use the link "Report Post to Moderator" to report it, with a description of the problem.
  6. You are allowed to upload an avatar of no more than 40KB. Also keep your signature to a respectable length, no massive signatures that fill the whole page.
  7. If someone join the community only to advertise his own site i will ban that account from the forum and delete all his topics/posts.
  8. IPB is a commercial product, and it is illegal to acquire and use the software from anyone except IPS. I will not give support to any members that use such illegal software. If you are using warez software, leave this forum because you are not welcome here.
  9. If you have any comment, suggestion or question on a specific board policy, it may be posted in the "Feedback" forum. All disagreements on the matter of moderation must be addressed to the acting moderator via PM.



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