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[IPS Marketplace] [Beta] Realms.tv - Add Live Events to Your Community

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Realms.tv Integration for adding live engagement to your community

Realms.tv is a free live streaming platform that you can use to monetize your Invision community and engage with community members in real time. Whether you’re playing a game, hosting a talk show, doing a sports commentary, or just chatting, use your content to help grow your community and make your audience thrive.

Create your realm - it's free!

What is Realms.tv exactly?

Think of it like your own Netflix - a place for content like tutorials, lessons, and on-going web series. Or your own Twitch - a place for your live streams and exclusive events. 


Your brand. Your community. Your content and guidelines.


With Realms.tv, you can:

  • Engage in real time with live chat, Q&A, and polls
  • Stream to all of your social media accounts from one place (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook to name a few)
  • Integrate with your Invision community and send alerts for new live events
  • It's your brand (not ours or any other third-party) and make content on your terms with no ads or tracking
  • Sell tickets to your audience for exclusive events


Easily integrate with your existing community

Seamlessly connect your community to your realm and sync your users, permissions, and subscriptions. 


How to get started

  1. Create and configure your realm - it’s free!
  2. Install the Invision Community Realms.tv add-on
  3. Integrate with Invision Community in your Realms.tv Manager Panel

For full documentation, click here. If you need help, we’re happy to help get you started.

Create a custom experience for your users

  • Deliver streams to where your users are by notifying them when you go live and displaying a live indicator.
  • Sync your users between your community and Realms.tv. Share permissions, user groups, and user profiles.
  • Sync memberships between your community and Realms.tv and earn additional revenue.


Your community members are creators too

Community members can contribute content to your realm and earn revenue. With Realms.tv, you have the ability to set a revenue share and give payouts on your timeline.


Learn more and create your realm

Realms.tv gives you the ability to choose the features you need to make your community a success with services focused on increasing monetization, user engagement and community growth, and gamifying and rewarding community members. To learn more about Realms.tv and start creating your realm, start here

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