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[IPS Marketplace] (NE) Media Recorder

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(NE) Media Recorder will allow your users to record and upload audio recordings, all while on your community and without having to leave the site.

How to use:

Click the button indicated...

Could contain: White Board

Respond to the request from your browser to provide permissions for the site to access your microphone (the prompt will differ depending on your browser, device and OS)...

Could contain: Text, Page

The recording begins - any limits on length or size will be indicated. When you are finished recording, simply click the provided button to stop the recording (you can also pause the recording, if you wish)...

Could contain: White Board

You will then be presented with a dialog where you can:

  • listen to your recording
  • provide a filename if you wish (if you don't, a default one will be used), and this will be applied to the file when it is uploaded
    • click OK to upload the file, or Cancel to discard the recording and start again
  • download your recording, if you wish.

Could contain: Text, Page, File


If you clicked OK then your recording will be automatically uploaded to the editor...

Could contain: Page, Text, Paper


Via the application's settings  in the ACP...

  • Audio recording can be enabled and used in the following locations:
    • Forums topics & comments
    • Calendar events, comments & reviews
    • Pages database records, comments & reviews
    • System (a.k.a. Core)
      • Messenger
  • Limitations on the length or size of audio recordings can also be applied
    • Once any applied limit has been hit, recording will be stopped and the user will be prompted to upload the file


Future features are dependent on the popularity of the application - the following are items that are in mind, but not guaranteed to be included:

  1. Expansion of the functionality out to other area & applications within the community suite
  2. Addition of video recording to the application
  3. Addition of a transcription service (using 3rd-party "Speech to Text" APIs), converting uploaded audio files to text via a background task, and adding that textual content to the search index.

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