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Well after many years of running vB and the downslide from 3.x to 4.x to the fatally flawed 5.x thats just been released in beta we decided after playing with an IPB test forum for a couple of months to bit the bullet and convert our live vB4.1.2 forum to IPB


The forum is very active with some 20000+ members and 285000+ posts


After looking at the conversion we decided to look around for an expert to do this for us


In walks terabyte


He did a test conversion for us to make sure everything worked ok and ironed out some problems with the converter


He then converted the live site for is, added ipcontent home landing page and installed some hooks and set up ht access and sep


Absolutely fantastic job, worth every penny and totally recommended


He did all that was asked and more and his communication skills were superb


Many thanks terabyte


Whilst we could possibly have done it without you I imagine the forums would have be down for a week or more without you !


All the best



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