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[RESOLVED] Hmm some basic question


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Ok open this topic:




and you should see google ad sense right below 1st post. Now, i have added some info there as you can see. I need help with this first line:


<center><font size="6">Pomozite nam da tako Å¡to ćete kliknuti na reklame ispod!</font></center>



Now i like this size for font, but it's only on some large resolution like mine 1280x1024, that line is in only 1 line. Now when it's something smaller in width it goes into 2nd line and then its really bad loking, couse line break is so small, and letter l goes over letter's in row above... :lol:


So can someone help me with this, i really dont have time to think about that right now... :)

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The issue/request this topic was opened for has now been resolved. If you need further assistance, please open a new topic.


If this topic was closed prematurely, please contact me so I can re-open it. :lol:



Topic Closed

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