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So anyone here knows some good VPS hosting that's affordable? I am searching for dedicated hosting, but i guess it would be better to first switch to VPS couse it's much cheaper... Basicly what i need most of all is some large bandwidth and good connectivity... VPS at my shared hosting is good and all but my guess is that there must be something better:


  • FREE Domain Name for Life
  • 20 Gigs Storage
  • 1,000 Gigs (1 TB) data transfer
  • Host Unlimited Sites
  • 24/7 Award Winning Support!
  • Plesk 8.1 Control Panel, Power Pack available
  • 1 Dedicated IP Address Included
  • Managed Services Available!
  • Root & SSH/Shell Access
  • CentOs 4.2
  • PHP 4+, PERL, MySQL4, Ruby on Rails6,
    SSI Support
  • MySQL 5 & PHP 5.2+ Available!
  • Virtuozzo, Miva Merchant

I was thinking, i could use something like this only for my forum, while my download could still go from shared hosting where i have 15Tb of monthly bandwidth...

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Well actualy i dont know how much i need... Or as the matter of fact i dont what i need...


I am getting almost 300 users per day(members online today), ~500 post's per day and ~30 new members per day... I rulled out dedicated hosting so i am focusing on some VPS hosting... I know its stupid, but the thing i'm mostly concerned is bandwidth, couse curently i have 15Tb of monthly bandwidth, so i am offering my members bunch of things to download... Can i use this host for file shareing and such? I am also planing to install that you tube clone mod for IPB once i switch to VPS hosting, so i really will use bandwidth...


I noticed that when i have ~40 members online at one time, everything start's to slow down....


If someone could tell me egzactly what you think about speed of my site then plz do so!!! :lol: My link is www.crtaci.info

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Well atm vpsland dont even bother with bandwidth restrictions with me, no idea why there is no limit once i bought.. I use our vps for a game server and also run a few sites of it (soon will be moved). My opinion would be move to a low spec vps then upgrade if need be its all instant so np's.


Trial and error lolz.. :lol:

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How big is a difference between some smallest/cheapest VPS against shared(which is like on some ultra ultra kewl server)? :)


Anyhow i am looking at this for a loooong time:




Is this too good to be true? I was thinking to take this later on, after VPS, but only if there is some way to use bandwidth of this shared hosting and spec's of some VPS? Otherwise i just might go and pay like 3 moths ahead for this giga thingy and tell my members that there will be no site if we dont collect 60-70 euros per month... :lol:

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