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Demonic Possessions


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Hey guys.


I know most of you active members here on this fourm are most probably "Christians" or ones that believe in God and Jesus, so you may not believe me at all. I don't want members to reply only for insulting me because of my expierences or my belieafs.


OK, so it all began in 1997. I was 5 years old, living with my parents in Coalville, UK. One night something strange happened to me. (everything you read from now, was told to me by over 5 of my familly members as they whitnessed it!) Both my Mom and my Dad, my cousin and my 3 uncles where watching Television in the front room (lounge/living room as many people call it) and so was I. Being in the front room for 2 hours we all was watching a movie (I don't know what it was, I was too young to remember) but after an hour and 20 minutes of the film, my mom noticed I was just sitting still with my eyes constantly stearing at them. My mom said to my Dad, "Kev, there's something wrong with Kel. What's wrong with him?! (Kev, being my dad, and Kel obviously being me). My cousin said "he seems so..zombified"...my mom told him to shut up, and then she said I turned around and looked at our dog (Chippy), our dog started growling at me, barking for no reason at all... :huh:


After a few minutes of the dog barking, my dad said I was saying something in a different language. He said it was like Latin or something. My mom said, I was saying "The Devil is in me. I am strong and you are all going to suffer". I couldn't believe what she said I was doing, it all sounded so..familliar. My uncle phoned the Paramedics to see if they could see what was wrong with me, they said to phone a psychiatrist. So my Dad rang the psychiatrists and they came over to see what was wrong...they said they've been called many times about these issues, and he said to call a Demonologist, so my dad called a demonologist. The Demonologist came over and checked me out. My dad said I said in a deep demonic voice "The Devil is in me, leave now or you will die". :mellow:


The Demonologist asked this entity his name. The entity said his name was "ZOZO" and that it was going to kill the Demonologist. So the Demonologist asked why it was here, who or what summoned it, and "ZOZO" said "Satan". The Demonologists name is "Andy". ZOZO asked Andy "why are you here". Andy said "I was called here by the sons parents you have possessed". ZOZO said "Tough..he's not coming back, your wasting your time. F off". Andy said to ZOZO "that's not nice. Why are you so aggressive?"..ZOZO said "Because you and your god are pathetic".


My parents said i started to say strange words like something in a different language fast. I had never been so surprised to hear something in my life! Andy suggested to my parents to call a Preist. Unfortunately when they where whispering (my parents and Andy) the Demon heared them and said "If a lame priest comes you will die". My mom called the priest, and the demon overheared the conversation of the phone call. The Demon started screaming and shouting foul swear words. and it got worse. I was possessed by this demon for 2 and half weeks...and after calling a preist on the phone, they never turned up. I was constantly under possession for 2 weeks, and my mom began to get very worried and paranoied because she hadn't heared from me at all for 2 weeks.


My mom asked the demon if she could talk to me..(me not the demon), so the demon said "be quick". So he released me. My mom asked "are you ok, what's wrong, what's happening". She said I said "I don't know..it's dark..very dark..." my mom said he was going to help me, free me from this entity. Then the entity took over me again and said "pathetic human. this human is mine. you will never see him again!" Andy said it is imperritive that my parents should get this demon out of me. But they never did. The demon was in control of me for over 2 weeks, non-stop possessed. then after nearly 3 weeks, the demon de-possessed me or what ever its called and removed control. It didn't get annoyed and say "this is pointless" or what ever, but from when he possessed me, I've always felt his presents..


1999 (7 years old): the same demon came back. My mom said "oh not again" because he came back, but this time started talking with my voice, but it was a deep demonic sort of voice when he spoke. The demon let me talk aswell, but some how I had learned to control him from talking in my voice. When he came back, he said in my voice, but a demonic deep one: "Guess what....I'm BACK!" and then started chuckling like an evil laugh kind of thing. Again, my mom got scared and said leave him alone..not a good call, but OK..my mom told the demon to leave me alone, and he made some glass cups break and said "NEVER". a few hours after saying he was back, and after he was talking, he took half control of me..(first time was full control, a full possession) but this time I was able to speak myself aswell as the demon. he only controlled me for 10 minutes and started making me say strange things and levitating etc.


After 10 minutes he released me again and said he'd be back, but didn't say WHEN he'd be back..my mom was terrified when he said he'd be back. This is the thing though...he didn't possess or take control of me from 1999. He'd accasionally use me to talk or to say strange things like "Ouija" or "Satan" or something. After this ZOZO never possessed or took control of me again without permission by me first. At the time he possessed me, I wasn't scared at all, I didn't feel any fear...I could hear him trying to communicate with me in my head like he was talking to me telepatically. He could understand and hear my thoughts, aswell as I could hear his. But something blocked me from listening/reading his thoughts, I was trying to read his memories or something from back in 1986. It was dark and evil. That's all I could tell.


I don't think has ever left me..when he says he'd be back, he never actually left me..he just released control...he's always been inside me, I can feel and hear his presents. I can sense him too, but no matter how my mom told him to leave, he wouldn't. When she said words of "God" or "Christ" it caused this demon to get aggressive..it pushed my mom away from me..like a pulse kind of psychic wave.


But as I said, from 1997 he's been with/inside me all my life, doing who knows what in me. Normally demons take your souls...well this demon didn't touch my soul nor did it want it for that matter. You can go ahead and criticise me all you want, in this topic, but all whole story is neather fake nor made up. It's not a dream nor a daydream (same as dream). This experience was real, and it did happen.


Accasionally at 12:00 AM I can hear him in my mind..wanting to talk to me or play little games with me. I play his little games by communicating to him telepathically...I hear him laughing, giggling and stuff like that...and it's pretty obvious that he doesnt want to harm me in any way, since he's been with me since 1997 to now in 2010. In 4 days (on 2nd of Febuary) this demon would have been with me for 12 years.. nearly 5 of those years I have had to put up with this demon, and for the first to the first 2 years it has not been easy.


Many of you may suggest getting an excorcist to perform an excorcism on me, but that would be disrespectful to the demon. I feel he's now my guardian since he's been with me for so long...and to be honest, no matter how much people say demons cant be trusted, that they trick you etc, this demon has never been like that. He's never hurt me like most demons would hurt their victims. Most of you members on this forum may tell me to get rid of him, that it will ruin my life, or that it's dangerious to have a real demon being with me. Over these years of having him, he's been friendly (he can get aggressive and start saying he's going to kill me or hurt me) but he never actually does what he says he will do when he's annoyed. He's only fully possessed me twice. Him taking control of me sometimes, I cannot stop or control him from doing, but he lets me control him from talking through my voice, and he doesn't mind that. But if I told him to leave, he'd either leave, or not leave. For the years he's known and been with me, he probably will refuse to leave.


I don't mind members here advising me to tell my demon to leave me alone, or giving me advise saying to get rid of him, that it's dangerious, but what I will not allow is members here criticising me, trying to "insult" me because of it. I appreciate your concerns and advices, but I will say this once and once only - I do not want him to leave, I don't want him to go.


If you have any questions or what ever, please feel free to ask me.

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