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My members keep getting problems (as well as I) on getting the site to come up rarely. I called the hosting co. and they said perhaps it could have been b/c someone in their area or my area (close to the IP addy) was banned off another site on the server or something. I don't know, that was just one of the possibilities, so I was thinking when or if my site generates revenue, I may need to go towards dedicated. Plus I may want to offer streaming media at some point.


I don't understand what role RAM plays in hosting anyway :/

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the only hosting I've tried besides invision power and like their service, but really need to understand why this is happening on a rare occasion. Maybe it's flood control? Doubt it, but wondering about possibilities.

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rarely, myself or my members will time out on getting on my site and can't get back on for at least 30mins-2hrs.. don't understand that. Figured it may have something to do with another site on the shared hosting server banning IP addys or something.
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WOW I have a vps and its alot cheaper than a dedicated although we crash it sometimes (not often) with playing an online game on it we have success with it running mate, I suggest a VPS before u even consider a dedicated alot cheaper. If you host is that bad i could host for ya till ya find something. :lol:
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OH I get it now!

I used to have the same problem with my host then I figured out what it was and switched hosting companies, now it doesn't happen.

Basically your host looks for heavy loads. If it is coming from a specific IP your host will IP ban them from the server for a short time.


I bet when this happens you can't even get onto your ftp can ya?


No idea who your host is but mine was 1and1.com at the time and now I use godaddy and havn't had the problem again in over 2 years.

I would bet that is the reason for this...

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They wont fix it lol. thats why I had to switch hosts.

Basically if they feel you have lagged their server to much or made to many requests from the server they will ip ban you for a short time thinking you are trying to hack the site.

Most hosts don't do this because they know that some scripts are a bit high end and could cause a bit of lag trying to load. Well either they don't do this or they have the number set much higher.

My suggestion would be that before you spend a ton of money on a dedicated server that you try out another host for a while and see if it stops.

As I offered before, if you wish to try this I could help you out for a few months for no charge, just to see if this is indeed your problem.

Send me a pm and we can get started. Only takes about an hour to get everything setup, if even that long :lol:

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RAM handles a lot of "things" for the server.

The lower the ram , the slower things become or timeout or the server can handle. result high cpu load, slow response.


second option is better then first, and a pentium hyper thread (HT) processor is always beter then normal.


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