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OK here is my deal, I just need a website to advertise my services with, I am an automotive tech. Maybe like 2 page so customers could get contact info and read about services. What do you think is best for this? I dont need a message board or I would get another IPB license and set that up, I may do this in the future and link to the website. My question is what is the best place to purchase this and do any of you run a site similar to what i am wanting to do? Thanks for all advice and info..
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Well if you need something simple like that just code yourself some PHP pages without using any CMS/forum :)



This was my idea when I wanted to start a site about IPB support but after releasing so many mods I ended up using a forum :D

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Best thing to do is this. If you already have a board setup for this. Is make a html site. 2 pages. first page ya give a description of services and links to forum for issues or what not. 2nd page you setup as a contact page where they can fill it in and send ya email. Basic, to the point and inexpensive to do.
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