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Recently I noticed that my forums were loading quite slow and anyone who knows me or my site knows how heavily custom modded it is, which is why I thought it was running horrible..


I spent quite a bit of time updating a few mods to pull info differently and/or removing them completely simply because of the amount of queries it was running!!


At the high point I had over 130 queries running on each topic!!!

I am now down to 20!!!! WOW!!!


While removing alot of mods or changing them I noticed when I was finished that I didn't have to do anything with any mod that TB made for me, and some of them are quite huge!

This is because he uses the best methods in creating his mods and takes pride in making sure they don't bog your forum down with hundreds of useless queries.


Overall I just have to give props to this man. He really shows you that if you really want quality work and a great mod that he is absolutely the best there is!!


Thanks for all you do, not only for me but for everyone here who feels the same way I do.



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A spammer bumped this topic lol (post already deleted)


However I have to say that there are really a lot of mods around not optimized at all and then people complain that their boars are slow... :P

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