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[Marketplace] Legend Styler - Hover Cards

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Legend Styler - Hover Cards is a powerful plugin, designed to give so many options and design choice when it's come to hovering on user name in Invision Community websites.

Plugin came with initial of 6 different theme/style for user hover cards including IPS default theme and IPS 4 old user hover card theme. almost every part of these template can be modify by plugin side options. along with normal data in hover cards like statistics, user groups etc... Legend Styler - Hover Cards adds many more feature to it as well.

Some of the additional info that Legend Styler - Hover Cards can add to user hover cards:

  • 8 different Theme/Style including IPS 4 default for user hover cards
  • Full support of Social media links for users [based on custom profile fields], display user's social media links in their user hover cards
  • Display secondary groups in user hover cards
  • Follow user button in user hover cards
  • Full support of profile fields that can be filled by individual:
    • Targeted Custom fields for specific Personal information like Age, Location and Occupation in user hover cards
    • Display full list of custom fields line by line in user hover cards
  • Ability to display "About Me" section in user hover cards
  • New statistic user data like number of followers, number of solutions by user and can be show/hide in user hover cards
  • Full support for LTR / RTL communitis

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