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Countdown Timer is a plugin that give community's admins or moderators the ability to create unlimited block/widgets of countdown timer with customization options, add text, notes and permission to view for groups for each widget. Countdown Timer also have a plugin side setting, which can be use for adding a global countdown timer for across community. this specific block can be place in Top header, top of the main body or sidebar as a global place in all pages of IPS community.


New features after version 1.1.0:

  • Widgets can now work as both Countdown Timer or Count-up Timer. in count-up mode, when timer reaches it's target it's continue to counting up.
  • There is now setting for specific "Time Zone". previously after set a target date, widget automatically used Admin's Time Zone to create timer. this is now optional and possible to choose automatic/adjusted time zone Or manually select a time zone from list.
  • Each widgets can now accept further styling, adding background image and box/text sizing.
  • Widgets can now designate for a URL address and making it clickable.


Plugin/Widget settings: (full lists can be seen in plugin's list of screenshots)

  • Title
  • Target date
  • Time Zone [optional]
  • Add description or note
  • Counter mode:
    • Countdown: Create a timer set for specific date as countdown until it's reaches the target. there is setting to display a message when it does.
    • Count-up: Same as above, but it doesn't stop counting and now it's continue to count up. [Demo with second/screenshot widget]
  • Permissions for who to see
  • Make widget as link and clickable
  • Per widget styling options. including adding screenshot as background


Plugin settings can display one global timer in one of three optional locations. widgets, can be created unlimited numbers and admin can place them in standard positions in a page with Sidebar/Block Manager.

View the modification's page

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