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[IPS Marketplace] Moderator CP Member Approval

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  • This app adds a new tab containing all the validating members at your forum, at the Member Management section in the Moderator CP. It might come in handy especially if you have a large number of validating members, as it allows the admins to get some help in managing them from their staff members without giving them access to the Admin Panel.


  • This app adds a new permission tab to the Moderator Permissions. To select the staff members that you want to manage the validating members at the Moderator CP, set the permission: Can the approve members from the Mod CP? to Yes and save the changes. 


  • Moderators have 4 options when managing the validating members. Those who are allowed to edit members will be able to edit them, those with permissions to view the ip addresses can check the ips of the validating members, they can resend the validation email and of course they can approve them as well.

Multiple Approval Selection:

  • There is also a quick multiple approval selection checkbox that will allow for a quick approval of all selected members. 

Moderator Log:

  • Whenever a member is approved the action will be logged in the Moderator Log page.


  • The app is compatible with php 8.x and the current latest version of Ipb.

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