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[IPS Marketplace] (NE) Word filter enhancements

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Currently, all configured word filters are effective for everyone unless the user happens to be in a group with the "Bypass word and link filters?" setting enabled, in which case no word filters are effective for that user.

So it's either "All on" or "All off" depending on group membership.

This resource provides a middle ground and allows you to apply each word filter on a group basis. This can be done either via:

  • the normal location in System -> Settings -> Posting -> Word Filters
  • the "Configured word filters" page provided by this application.

The word filters applied to a user will be those that are configured for:

  • all groups
  • the primary group they are a member of
  • any secondary groups they are a member of (a setting is available to turn this off or on)

Note: after installation, a background queue task will process your existing word filters - once that task has run, functionality to allow you to set group permissions will be available.



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