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Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Last Updated: 2nd May 2010

The Terms of Service provided below become effective once a premade product is purchased or a custom project is started!


The only accepted payment methods currently are PayPal (preferred) and MoneyBookers, both methods accepts all the major credit/debit cards too. Every payment is manually verified and can take up to 48 hours before you are able to download the purchased product(s), this is to ensure more protection for both me and the client from fraudulent purchases. The purchased product can be used only on 1 domain name and additionally on a test board to try it before using it on the live board, if you require to install the mod on different domains you'll have to purchase additional licenses for the product.

Custom Projects

In the case of custom projects I don't require an immediate payment but as soon as the mod is near completion and you have seen a demo or a screenshot I require the full payment before going ahead and completing it. Note also that a lack of communication for a long time (example: 2-3 weeks) might result in the project being dropped on a per case basis. Additionally if the project has already been started and we have already agreed on a price but you ask to add some new features or changes, the price might raise based on your changes or requests.


The time for support responses may vary between each case but I'll be sure to reply within 48 hours from your post, support is available from the Ticket System and from the private forum for customers only. Note that if you have issues with the purchased product after editing it yourself there might be a fee to fix the issue(s) since it was not caused by the original code and I need to investigate it.

Installation & Upgrades

Right after the purchase you have 1 month to use the free installation that comes with every product be it premade or custom. Instead when a new version of a product is released if you want me to update it on your forum for you there will be a small fee that depends on the mod and the process involved since it is not covered in the 'lifetime support'. For the free installation or the upgrade quote contact me privately with one of the available methods and provide the required FTP/ACP details.


Copyright removal for any order (be it premade or custom) is an optional extra and requires an additional fee that can be discussed contacting me. If the copyright removal is not purchased you MUST leave the copyright labels intact and completely visible (example: don't use the css to hide it); copyright removal is valid per product and can be used on 1 domain name, if you require it for more domains you'll have to purchase it for each domain and each product.

Ownership and redistribution rights

Unless stated otherwise (mostly custom projects) I hold ownership and distribution rights of EVERY product, those found to redistribute the products on other sites (example: warez sites) will be banned from the whole website and forum.

Refund Policy

Because of the type of business there is no refund policy in place, however, I might consider a partial or complete refund refund if your server doesn't have the requirements to run the product or if you haven't download it yet after the purchase.