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Pre-Sales Questions

Feel free to post any questions you have in the Pre-Sales Question Forum or Contact Me privately with a ticket.
You may use this area also to request a live test of the mod or if you want additional informations about it.

Quick Overview

Resource Type
Current Version
$5 / 6 months
File or skin edits
Hosted Board


IP.Board 3.x
IP.Suite 4.0
IP.Suite 4.1
IP.Suite 4.2
IP.Suite 4.3
IP.Suite 4.4
IP.Suite 4.5
IP.Suite 4.6


Topic View (Content hidden) This plugin allows your members to hide part of the content in their posts so other members will need to reply to the topic before being able to see the hidden content. Thanks to a powerful custom BBCODE there are no file edits required, additionally the plugin has an internal cache to save all the topics checked each session which will reduce the number of queries used. Thanks to that only one additional query is used when viewing a topic and sometimes no queries at all!


  • No file edits (makes use of the plugins system)
  • 2 options to specify who can bypass the reply check:
    • Groups
    • Members
  • All default areas are covered:
    • Topics (Print view included)
    • Profiles (both Topics & Posts tabs)
    • Quoting replies for both ajax & non-ajax quoting (hidden content is stripped)
    • Email Notifications content remains alwyas hidden (both Forum & Topic subscriptions, digests too)
  • Easy integration with 3rd party mods that display posts (as long as the \IPS orums\Topic\Post class is used)


Topic View (Content unhidden)
ACP: Settings
Profile View: Posts
Email Notification
Print View