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IP.Board Products

IP.Board Products (5)

(TB) Change Group in UCP With this mod moderators in selected groups can change the group of other members without ACP access.
(TB) Ed2k Links This mod allow your members to put ed2k links (emule links) on your board and the mod will format nicely all the links telling you their size, the total size and giving you also the option to download the selected links at once without having to click on each one!
(TB) Hide Content This mod allow your members to hide part of the content in their posts so other members will need to reply to the topic before being able to see the hidden content.
(TB) Moods This mod let your members choose a "mood" to display in the profile and in their info panel in topic view and other areas like announcements or calendar events.
(TB) Password Change Reminder A mod that remember/force members to change their forum password.