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 Description :

Eden is mainly based on gaming, but it can be used in many other situations because it is very easy to customize, and it doesn't take long to turn it into a perfect template for your job.

Links & Info :

Theme Features [ ACP ] :

  • Count Down fully customizable
  • Background Picker
  • Index Settings
  • Mega Footer fully customizable
  • Social Links customizable 
  • Special Forums [ for promoted servers or whatever you want to do with this feature ], fully customizable
  • Menu & Forum Row fully customizable icons directly from ACP

Customizer :

  • Color Picker [ 6 colors ]
  • Background Picker [ 4 backgrounds ]
  • Fluid width Switch [ Switch between Fixed and Fluid ]
  • Show / Hide Sidebar
  • Sidebar position [ Left / Right ]
  • Chose sublist columns [ 2 / 3 ]
  • Show / Hide Back To Top Button

New : 

  • Clean css code [ with vars ]
  • And Much More

Warnings :

  • No Renewal anymore you are free to use this theme for life

Plugins Used :

  • General Statistics [ write me and i will send you the plugin ]
  • Chatbox Free

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