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[IPS Marketplace] (TB) VIP Status for Members

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This application lets admins add a VIP Status to specific members promoting them to a different group. It can be either a permanent promotion or a temporary one. It can be used to give higher privileges to helpful members of the community (for example hiding ads for them).


  • Setting to specify which group VIP members are moved to.
  • Setting to specify which group expired VIP members are moved to. It also supports "Original Group" as an option.
  • Setting to specify the default VIP period duration when adding a new member.
  • Setting to change the icon used to display the members' VIP status.
  • Settings to control the VIP status icon display (global user bar + topic user info).
  • Option to send a PM notification to members who are promoted to VIP and when their VIP status expires.
  • Every VIP status change is logged in the member history in ACP.
  • An icon is added in the user bar near the notification icon and in a topic's user info while the user is in the VIP group.
  • Widget to display to members more details about their VIP status start/expiration.
  • Expired VIP Members are automatically moved out of the VIP group by a task.



  • Each purchase entitles you to use the modification on a single Community installation.

View the modification's page

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