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IPS 4.1 Enhancements

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I am hopeful of pitching some IPS 4.1 enhancements, which I am curious if you would be able to take on?


1 - Globally set default activity stream (It would be nice if admins had the ability to specifically choose which should be used - unless a member opts for their own)




As default it's the 'unread' which features as default, yet I would personally like all my members to have the 'all activity' as the default because it encourages more areas. If a user has read the majority of topics or 'marks all as read' they may not see new content.


2 - Just before the 'report content', I think it would be useful to have icon which would feature selected links which would be important. These would be set by the admin, so it could extend important links which the navigation may be overloaded with. I actually think this would be a very popular addition to any community, as if a site has an important discussion - article - link, it could be placed within this area and people would know it's important.


Worth suggesting :)

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2 - Is simply a request for a drop down menu which would allow admins to set 'important links' for site members. It can be a little overload to display every important link within the community tab and I think it solves this problem well, whilst other communities may like it for purposes such as contests and various things like that.
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