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Miss Me :P


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Whats good all of you, been a while since you see me surface around the IPB community, speaking of which, hey terra was wondering did i ever register here? Because if i did i forgot what user name i register as or even my email i used, this time i said heck with it, used the handy facebook connect


But anyways i not been around for a while due to a lot was going on, my ex did a lot of crappy things, that made me become very angry and ticked off.. so instead of being a butt head i decided the best bet was just to relax and enjoy some Youtube, since you guys all last seen me, i have started a couple Youtube channels, one for my site which i do a lot of Let's Plays, Reviews and Top 10s and another channel i have started was a instrumental channel, i been knowing how to write music, make my own custom instrumentals with sony acid pro, fl studio 11, and audiacity, so i decided to spend a lot of time with that.


Whats cool over the last year or so.. YouTube has helped with that anger, especially them retro games oh man some of them old school Genesis, NES, and Super NES games are really tough, but old school classic games always been tough, but who don't like a challenge eh? So anyways recently i started getting back into working with IPB forum stuff again, will i stay around again for a while? I think i am ready again to stay around for a bit this time !! Hey who else is gonna make mods of almost every type o stat in the book eh? lol

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