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Friendly Urls and You...


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Hey guys,


I was looking for something to make friendly urls for my board, and I saw CommunitySEO. First I thought, WOW, thats amazing, but then took a look at the price and was turned off immediatly XD


So I googled for a while and saw this...



They offer free IPB friendly URL making software for your IPB. I tried it out and it works amazing! It has a lot of features in it.


I hope this helps those of you with tight budgets but have wanted friendly urls :lol:

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Works with IPB 2.3.4? Can you give me your url to check it out?


I did find that, but didnt install it 'couse i think it lacks support, so now i am waiting to get $150 and buy CommunitySEO... :lol:


But maaaaybeee i'll use this one, still not 100% sure what to do...

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YEs it works on IPB 2.3.4. But I can't give the URL anymore XD I deleted my test board after I installed this PM thing that made the PM system not work anymore :s


Once I get the test board back up I can show you and give you ACP access to test it out :lol:

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Community SEO might, you could check. Just google it :lol:


I'll tell you one thing though, it definatly works. After I installed it, I got MSN and google searching my site 10 minutes after install 0_0

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Hmm minerva or community seo? I might be buying community seo from some member here, it would be good test, so if everything goes smoothly i think i will buy perpetual licence.
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Josh, I am interested in knowing if it works with heavily modded boards. I have tons of stuff on my 2.3.3 live board and I wouldn't want it to interfere with anything else.


Let me know when you have a board with it up and running, so I can check it out. :lol:

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