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Mother Nature SUCKS NUTZ!


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Last night we get this MASSIVE ice storm here and anyone who knows me, knows that I get nothing but bitchy and whiny in the winter. Simply, I HATE COLD!

My house is always set at 83 degreesF and if its any colder Im wrapped up in a blanket with a space heater at my feet.

Maybe I was born cold blooded, I dunno.


Anyways, on with the RANT!


So this other modding company pisses me off today and I went to send a pm to another modder (MPFF) telling him about the situation and asking if he had time to help Terabyte with some of my 1000000 requests, if he needed it.

Had this LONG and very detailed pm, all typed up and looking very professional, feeling really good and smart cause I used alot of big words lol...

5 lines from finishing this very long PM....BAM! POWER OUTAGE!

All because of the ice storm..


To here's to you, Mother Nature...


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Yeah well, u get power outage when there is some badass ice storm, here in serbia, thats pretty common stuff.... :lol: Ok not that common, but 2-3 times there were power outage when i was working something, and of course time was just fine outside... :P Can't think what would happen if we had ice storm here... :)
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