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Hello All


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Ello all im Dava have been writing php for quite some time and only recently decided to start writing mods for IPB, VB, PHPBB etc i run my own record lable located in the middle of manchester also have my own record shop i DJin a club on occasion in bolton called kiss and have now been producing my own song for 3 months i have 2 new releases out


Sean Kingston - Beautiful Girls (MBProductions Club Remix)

Timbaland Feat Keri Hilson - The Way You Are(MBProductions Hard Dance Remix)


the current mod i am working on is a IPB messenger system which should be out early cristmas time delay due to working and other customers mod requests so i will do my best to get a beta version of this up and running and will update once a month will new features until complete there will be 2 free versions of the mod and the complete product will cost £10 which will go towards the cost of 2 new video servers that i will be hosting


Messenger Features


Audio / Video Chat (Video Hosting £35 P/A)

Group Chat

Mini Profile

Dispay Picture In PM

Add Contact

Block Contact

Play Games With Contact (IBP Arcade Installation Required)


and many more features will be added there are some of the great features i will be adding i will also be be speaking with a few mod creators with such as -Calypso- and asking weather they would like the iPoints System intergrated into this mod


so i will keep you all up to date with what is going on once i get round to sorting mod out


(Mod will only be available from Invision Tweaking)

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there will be permissions on all aspects of this mod disableing plugins per member and turning the function off and banning members from using i will also be adding an admin panel via the messenger giving quick access tot he administrator of the site but as this mod is on hold for 1 or 2 months i wont get it done for a while will keep you updated on what features are done and what are yet to be done
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Sounds good!

But the permission set I am looking for is more based on the specific numerical value of a custom field in the members table lol.

If the number is high enough, they can use it, if not, they can't :lol:

But we can get more into that later when you have released it and are ready to alter it lol :)

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