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Empower your community members with the ability to submit, explore, and engage with routes like never before. The Routes application seamlessly integrates with your Invision Community platform, enhancing user experience and fostering a vibrant community around outdoor activities, travel, and exploration.

  1. Route Submission: Users can effortlessly submit routes directly through the application. They can provide detailed descriptions, upload GPX files, share captivating images and videos, and specify route-specific information such as distance, activity type, difficulty level, weather conditions, surface type, and elevation. This comprehensive data ensures that every route submission is rich in information, guiding fellow adventurers accurately.

  2. Interactive Map Display: Harnessing the power of OpenStreetMap, our application provides an intuitive and interactive map interface. Users can visualize routes seamlessly, plan their adventures with precision, and explore routes submitted by others within the community.

  3. Community Engagement: Foster community interaction and collaboration through route commenting and reviews. Users can share their experiences, offer tips and recommendations, and engage in discussions related to specific routes. This social aspect enriches the community experience, encouraging camaraderie and knowledge-sharing among members.

  4. Robust Filtering and Search: With a vast repository of routes at their disposal, users can easily discover routes tailored to their preferences. Our application offers robust filtering and search functionalities, enabling users to narrow down their options based on criteria such as activity type, difficulty level, location, and more. Whether they're seeking a leisurely hike or a challenging cycling route, finding the perfect adventure has never been easier.

  5. Responsive Design: Our application boasts a responsive design, ensuring seamless accessibility across devices of all sizes. Whether users are accessing the platform from their desktops, tablets, or smartphones, they can enjoy a consistent and optimized experience, enhancing usability and convenience.

  6. GPX files: Users have the convenience of downloading GPX files for any submitted route, enabling them to seamlessly transfer routes to their own devices, such as GPS devices, smartphones, or fitness trackers, for offline navigation and exploration. Ability to link to the same route on the Strava platform. This feature ensures flexibility and accessibility, empowering users to take their adventures beyond the digital realm and into the great outdoors easily.

  • Compatibility and Integration:

    • Fully compatible with IPS framework, including Clubs, Reactions, Recommendations, Follow, Search, Tags, Reports, RSS Feed, Advertisements, Bulk Mail, Sitemap, Achievements and Ranks.
  • Route Submission and Management:

    • Unlimited categories of routes with parent-child relationships.
    • Ability to comment and review routes, with optional moderation.
    • Ability to rate routes using star ratings, set per category.
    • Ability to create polls.
    • Extra Fields for category-specific information.
  • User Interaction and Engagement:

    • Share Links functionality.
    • Activity Streams integration.
    • Notifications for new routes and comments.
    • Ability to follow/like categories and routes.
    • Drag & drop category reordering in ACP.
    • Friendly URLs for routes and categories.
    • Ability to configure the Routes Index page to display the blocks you want.

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