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 Fantastic Pro is the perfect choice for those looking to shape the design of their website and customize the user experience. This version offers exceptional flexibility by combining both light and dark themes.

Fantastic Pro transforms the design and functionality of your website with highly advanced features.


  • Code-Free Management: Many design features can be dynamically managed from the admin panel without the need for coding knowledge.
  • Custom Scroll Bar: A unique scroll bar complements the aesthetics of your website.
  • Up and Down Buttons: Custom XenForo-style up and down buttons enhance navigation for users.
  • Admin Bar: The Admin bar on the header allows administrators to quickly take control of the site.
  • Flexible Navigation Menus: Navigation menus provide options for users with dropdown and default features.
  • User Menu Positions: Moving user menus to the header and navigation provides a user-friendly experience.
  • Custom Welcome for Guests: Welcome guest users with a custom welcome message.
  • Quick Touch Blocks: Four active and passive block structures make content management easier.
  • Custom Page Titles: Customized title areas for each page allow for better content definition.
  • Hover Statistics: Display statistics data for forum categories with hover feature over forum icons.
  • Flexible Forum Icons: Choose forum icons as images or font-awesome icons.
  • Forum Actions: Offer users the ability to create topics and quickly access recent replies in forums.
  • Sidebar Toggle: Easily manage sidebar content with the sidebar toggle feature if widgets are present.
  • Sticky Sidebar: Sticky sidebar feature moves along with the page.
  • Forum Statistics Plugin: Monitor your site's performance with the forum statistics plugin located in the footer.
  • Advanced Footer Blocks: The advanced footer consisting of four blocks allows for content organization and customization.
  • Mobile-Friendly: Footer blocks don't occupy space in mobile view, and users can easily expand or collapse them.
  • Sticky Topics: Organize content better by separating forum topic areas into sticky and normal topics.
  • Ease of Search: The search field shown in the mobile view with a drop-down menu offers quick search capabilities for users.
  • Author Panel: Make content within topic areas neater with the collapse feature for the author panel.
  • Advanced Author Panel: Enhance the functionality and attractiveness of the author panel.
  • Other Features...



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