The site will soon be upgraded to the latest IPS Suite version.
If you need help while the site is offline you can reach me through PM on the IPS forum or emailing directly the support email address.


If you have further questions that are not answered in these FAQS please post in the Pre-Sales Question Forum.

1. Which type of payments do you accept?

Currently I accept both PayPal and MoneyBookers.

2. How I am supposed to receive the purchased product?

Once the payment is received and approved you'll be able to download the product from the Client Area as many times as you want/need. All future updates will also be available in it.

3. Can I download the product instantly after the payment?

Yes the current setup with IP.Nexus allows that. This may or may not change in the future depending on the amount of fraud attemps I'll get.

4. Several days have passed and I cannot download the product, is it normal?

No this is not normal, please contact me as soon as possible to check the issue!

5. Will you install the product for me after the purchase?

Yes, every purchase includes a free installation that can be used within 1 month from the purchase. If you want to use it open a new support request with the FTP/ACP details for your forum.

6. How do I get support for the purchased product(s)?

Official support is available ONLY from your Client Area submitting a new support request, I'll be sure to reply within 48 hours from your post but note that normally the replies are much faster. If you'd like there is also a peer-to-peer forum for customers only where you can get help from other customers.

7. Do I need to pay something for additional support?

Yes, each purchase comes with an initial support period of 6 months and after that you'll need to pay a small renewal fee to extend another 6 months your support license. The renewal fee for all products is $5/6 months currently but it may change in the future for other products (or for custom works).

Note that you will still be able to use the modification on your site even after the support license expires and you can renew it at any time with no additional fees, just like the IP.Board license.

8. Will you upgrade the products to the new versions of IP.Board?

Yes, I'll do my best to upgrade all the products to the latest stable version of IP.Board but depending on the complexity of the upgrade it might require some more time than usual. Usually you can expect a release of an updated version to support the latest release within 2 weeks from the official release from IPS.

9. Are the products encoded?

No, the current products are all NOT encoded. This may or not may change in the future.

10. Can I remove the copyright from the product?

No the copyright removal is not included in the product price, it is an optional extra that need to be purchased separately. Please contact me for more details.

11. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately because of this type of business a refund is not possible, however, I might consider a refund if your server doesn't have the requirements to run the product or if you haven't downloaded it yet after the purchase.